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Archive for October 2013

Maryland’s SIM proposal emphasizes quality improvement, community resources and engagement

Maryland’s newly released SIM proposal includes many attractive features CT advocates have been championing for our state. Quality improvement and sophisticated analytical tools to support quality are MD’s priority and constitute most of their proposal’s content. The foundation of their plan is to “integrate patient-centered care with community-based resources while enhancing the capacity of local…

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SIM proposal draft – no commitment to deny payment to providers who deny care

  During yesterday’s meeting, SIM leaders posted their first draft online of the administration’s plan to reform health care in CT. SIM is designed to radically transform how health care is delivered and paid for in our state across all payers – Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, self-insured employers, individuals and small businesses. Despite earlier encouraging conversations,…

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APCD Roundtable – lessons for CT

  Yesterday’s CT Health Policy Roundtable on All-Payer Claims Databases yielded many lessons for CT from other states and organizations. Lessons included the need for strong privacy and security protections, avoiding commercial uses, licensing to universities and organizations rather than individuals, and developing a transparent, fair process for access to the data based on the…

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CT Health Policy Roundtable: CT’s APCD tomorrow

Join national and state experts tomorrow for a Roundtable to learn more about the potential for Connecticut’s new All-Payer Claims Database in health care planning, improving health care quality, capacity and promoting health equity. The Roundtable is sponsored by the CT Health Policy Project, the CT Center for Patient Safety and Access Health Analyticsand made…

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SIM update – moving in a better direction

  Yesterday’s SIM meeting showed some positive movement toward a system that respects and protects consumers. Recognizing the potential harm to consumers, SIM leaders now intend to monitor for under-treatment and inappropriate treatment, and the payment model no longer includes capitation, both serious concerns raised by advocates. However advocates remain troubled that there is no…

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CT among ten highest states in Medicare drug spending

  A new analysis by C-HIT finds that CT seniors on Medicare are spending more than consumers in most other states on prescriptions. CT elderly Medicare beneficiaries are more likely to use brand name drugs than generics, especially in high income towns in Fairfield county. Within the state, Meriden has the highest per beneficiary prescription…

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Early insurance exchange enrollment older and half to Medicaid

  Between the beginning of the month and Tuesday 3,847 people had enrolled in coverage through Access Health CT, our state’s health insurance exchange, according to a presentation to the exchange Board this morning. 1,857 (48%) are eligible for Medicaid, 1,125 (29%) for subsidized insurance, 772 (20%) for insurance without a subsidy, and 93 (2%)…

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Book Club: David and Goliath, by Malcolm Gladwell

  I read this latest addition to the CT Health Policy Project Book Club on a long flight and couldn’t put it down. It should be required reading for every advocate. Malcolm Gladwell’s latest book describes why the underdog often wins against what initially seems like long odds. After he drills down on the story…

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SIM forum with advocates

  This morning, SIM leadership held a forum to explain their plan to advocates. Unfortunately few independent consumer advocates were given an opportunity to ask questions, including this one. Most of the time was taken by SIM committee members expressing their positions, describing their programs and experiences. Many of the questions came from providers and…

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