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Archive for September 2013

SIM update — questions about numbers driving policy

  Significant questions have been raised about the methodology and sources for the Sept. 17th SIM presentation (slide 30) asserting that 62% of primary care providers in CT currently have provider risk/shared savings/total cost of care arrangements with providers. Questions relate to whether the populations included are representative of the state, provider types included, whether…

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CT exchange premiums 4th highest in US

  A new analysis from the White House finds that CT’s insurance exchange premiums are among the highest in the nation – behind only Alaska, Mississippi, and Wyoming. CT residents and small businesses buying unsubsidized coverage through the exchange will pay 28 to 37% more than most Americans depending on which plan they choose. We…

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HUSKY is growing outreach tool for community organizations

  Connecticut’s Medicaid/HUSKY program is significantly expanding effective January 1st. 700,000 state residents are already benefitting from the program and up to another 130,000 may qualify under new eligibility rules. Many people denied Medicaid or HUSKY in the past will now qualify. Medicaid and HUSKY provide comprehensive health care coverage without cost. To ensure that…

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CT Health Policy Roundtable: CT’s APCD

Join national and state experts for a Roundtable to learn more about the potential for Connecticut’s new All-Payer Claims Database in health care planning, improving health care quality, capacity and promoting health equity. The Roundtable is sponsored by the CT Health Policy Project, the CT Center for Patient Safety and Access Health Analytics and made…

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SIM update

  The September meeting of the SIM steering committee changed little to the plan except the name of the payment model. The planners reported to the committee what will happen in the next phase of the process. They changed the name of their provider risk-based payment model from Total Cost of Care to Shared Savings,…

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CID seeking comments on mental health parity enforcement

  The CT Insurance Department is seeking public comments on methods to monitor and ensure compliance with state and federal mental health parity laws. CID has chosen to move ahead with enforcement of the law, despite delays in getting federal regulations. Insurers have urged CID to wait for final federal rules. CID encourages anyone with…

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Medicaid Council updates: Medicaid enrollment changes

The majority of September’s Medicaid Council meeting focused on massive changes to how people will apply for Medicaid coverage over the next few months. DSS reported that the new ConneCT system is close to caught up on scanning client documents, but work on the indexing system (assigning documents to the right client’s file) continues. Call…

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Comments on CT’s APCD policies and procedures

  In support of the enormous potential to promote and guide sensible health planning in CT, consumer advocates, the CT Health Policy Project and the CT Center for Patient Safety, submitted constructive comments on draft policies and procedures for CT’s All-Payer Claims Database, Access Health CT (APCD). We urge APCD leadership to commit to full…

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Very encouraging Medicaid PCMH update

  Far exceeding expectations, 34% of Medicaid members are now being cared for in person-centered medical homes according to DSS and CHNCT’s presentations at today’s meeting of the Medicaid Council’s Care Management PCMH Committee. There are almost 1000 primary care providers (between approved, accreditation eligible, and glide path status) receiving higher Medicaid payment rates to…

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Cabinet meeting update

  This month’s Cabinet meeting included updates on SIM, the insurance exchange and CT’s APCD. SIM leaders reported that with the delay offered by HHS the new deadline for the state health plan model is the end of this year. They expect to have a first draft for public release sometime in October. The testing…

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