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Archive for November 2012

Exchange Board and staff water down already watered-down affordability and access provisions

In a surprise to advisory committee co-chairs, CT Health Insurance Exchange staff submitted four alternative policy proposals at today’s Board meeting – they were adopted virtually intact by the Board. The staff alternatives were contrary to the recommendations adopted Tuesday by the Consumer and Qualified Health Plan Advisory Committees, with Exchange staff at every meeting.…

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Governor’s initial budget cuts

Yesterday the administration announced an initial list of $170 million in cuts to address the growing state budget deficit. The cuts include AIDS services, breast & cervical cancer detection and treatment, home care, Healthy Start, and DSH payments to hospitals. The cuts also include $1.5 million from HUSKY B, but expenses were down significantly in…

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Joint exchange committees voting down active purchasing, cost control

While the votes are reportedly still coming in, it appears that the Consumer and QHP Insurance Exchange committees have voted against active purchasing. With active purchasing, other state exchanges are using the power of numbers, as large employers do, to negotiate better premiums, lower costs and better coverage for their members. MA has saved millions…

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Just 6 days to comment on exchange health plan solicitation

Stakeholders had only six days to comment on the 40 page health plan solicitation from the CT Health Insurance Exchange – and it’s already over. Stakeholders in CA and MD had months to comment, with multiple drafts, meetings and opportunities to craft better proposals. The CT Health Policy Project’s initial comments centered on active purchasing,…

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Exchange advisory committees reject “any-willing insurer”

Today in a joint meeting of the Health Plan Benefits/Qualifications and Consumer Experience/Outreach committees of the CT Health Insurance Exchange voted against the staff recommendation “that the Exchange not deny any carrier QHP certification on the basis of its approved rates”. The only votes for the staff’s any willing insurer proposal were from Aetna and…

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Who is coming into LIA?

Today’s CT Mirror asks the question – who are the 37,000 new enrollees in the Low Income Adult Program? LIA was created just over a year ago as an option under the Affordable Care Act. CT shifted our fully-state-funded SAGA program into Medicaid, getting a 50% federal match, and re-named it LIA. When the program…

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CT Insurance Exchange holding public events

In response to concerns about the lack of public input, CT’s Health Insurance Exchange will be holding seven “Healthy Chat” events in the next month. Similar to Consumer Conversations last month but sponsored by the exchange this time, they will be reporting on their activities but will also be taking questions. We will be asking…

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Why CT’s health insurance exchange needs to negotiate

CT’s health insurance exchange is not planning to negotiate with insurers to improve value and control costs for consumers. As of January 2014, consumers will be mandated to secure coverage. Consumers eligible for affordability assistance must purchase in the still developing exchange to get the subsidies. Massachusetts’s exchange (the Connector) negotiates, termed active purchasing, with…

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