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Archive for June 2012

So now what? A guide for consumers

Now that the Supreme Court has ruled, and we’ve taken a day to celebrate, it’s time to get back to work. Kaiser has a very good explanation of what the ruling means for consumers in the real world.

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Supreme Court upholds Affordable Care Act

Today the US Supreme Court affirmed almost all of the 2010 national health reform Affordable Care Act. This is a wonderful outcome for Connecticut – for the 200,000 who will now get coverage, for the $1.5 billion/year to our state to make coverage affordable for low income residents, for 26 year-olds who can stay on…

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Awaiting the Supreme Court: What Could it Mean for CT?

Policymakers and politicians, in CT and across the country, are eagerly awaiting/dreading tomorrow’s Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act. We’ve outlined a few possible scenarios and the potential impact on CT. All scenarios have an upside, and there is a way through for every possibility. No matter the decision, we are much farther…

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Thoughtleaders give CT reform a C+, again

CT thoughtleaders gave our state a C+ grade  in health reform again this month in the CT Health Reform Thoughtleaders Survey. CT’s reform efforts have not varied much over the last four months, earning a C or C+ in each Thoughtleader Survey. CT also earned a C+ for effort this month, as in the past.…

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RWJ provides support for HEP evaluation

The State Comptroller announced today that the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has agreed to fund an evaluation of CT’s new state employee Health Enhancement Program. The two year study will be conducted by the University of Michigan’s Center for Value-Based Insurance Design. It is hoped the study will identify more opportunities to build value and…

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What is at stake for CT in Supreme Court decision?

A great Health Affairs blog by Sonya Schwartz, of the National Academy for State Health Policy, outlines the likely impact on active states, like CT, of various Supreme Court ACA scenarios. She uses a Richter Scale of impact from 2.0 if the entire ACA is upheld to 8.0 if the entire law is invalidated. It…

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