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Archive for November 2011

CT hospitals well below US average in patient satisfaction

Patients at New Haven hospitals are the most satisfied in CT, but the bar is pretty low. New Haven’s hospitals ranked 204th out of 295 hospital referral regions in patient satisfaction, according to a calculation by Kaiser Health News based on HHS data. Hartford’s hospitals ranked 215th and Bridgeport’s were 227th. If you were thinking…

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New regional patient safety organization created

NEVER is a new collaboration of New England consumer advocates working to improve the safety of health care services in our region. Connecticut’s Jean Rexford, founder of CT Center for Patient Safety, is a leader in the new effort. The group is working to give consumers tools to improve their care, compare providers and facilities…

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CT asthma rates up, cities hit hardest

A CT Health I-Team analysis of new DPH data finds that almost one in ten CT adults had asthma in 2009, up from 7.8% in 2000. Adults in CT’s five largest cities are three times more likely to visit an ER or be hospitalized for asthma than the state average. We often forget that it…

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Super Committee and HEP, PCMH webinar videos and slides online

Webinar slides and videos are now posted for our last two webinars. Last week we heard from Kate McEvoy of the State Comptroller’s Office about the state employee plan’s Health Enhancement and Patient-Centered Medical Home Projects. Chris Whatley from CSG’s Washington office talked Monday about the Congressional Super Committee, federal budget negotiations and the impact…

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CSG/ERC Webinar – update from the Congressional Super Committee

Join Chris Whatley from CSG’s Washington office Monday, Nov. 14th at 10 am to hear where the Congressional “Super Committee” is in their deliberations and what it means for states. The Super Committee (Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction) was formed as part of the budget deal this summer and includes 12 members evenly divided…

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Advocate and small business concerns about CT insurance exchange

Together with Small Businesses for a Healthy CT, the CT Health Policy Project has been meeting with CT Health Insurance Exchange Board members. The Board has been criticized for lacking consumer representation. Our concerns center on rebuilding public trust, effective outreach and public education, active purchasing to use the collective power of the exchange to…

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Medicaid PCMH update

Today’s Care Management Committee meeting (formerly the PCCM Committee) in Hartford was frustrating. DSS and their consultants outlined their final plan for CT Medicaid’s person-centered medical home (PCMH) transformation. Unfortunately the final plan is not substantially different than the original proposal which raised concerns among advocates. Most contentious was DSS’ refusal to match consumers and…

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