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Archive for October 2011

Office of Health Care Advocate seeking attorney

The state Office of Health Care Advocate is hiring a staff attorney. OHA is an incredible resource for CT consumers struggling to access care from their insurer. OHA assists individuals, but also collects those experiences and makes recommendations for legislative and executive policy changes as needed. The position requires experience with health insurance or health…

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Small businesses know health insurance exchange is a jobs issue

In a CT News Junkie opinion piece, Kevin Galvin of Small Business for a Healthy CT, wrote — When asked to identify their biggest challenges, small business owners in Connecticut and across the country have said that one of the greatest is the prohibitively high cost of providing health insurance. CT cannot become a business-friendly…

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Health Insurance Exchange CEO job description out

CT’s health insurance exchange is moving very quickly to hire a CEO. The job description includes good language about consumer education and policy background. It mentions management skills but does not mention familiarity with active purchasing on behalf of consumers. Applications are due by Nov. 9th. The Board will choose three finalists but the Governor…

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OHA Recovers $2.9 Million for Consumers in Third Quarter 2011

The state Office of Health Care Advocate has recovered for consumers $2.9 million in the third quarter of 2011 and $9.3 million thus far in calendar year 2011. The case load this year is expected to be double last year’s number. Through public outreach, their website and a toll-free assistance line, OHA helps patients who…

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Anthem piloting plan that shares savings with consumers

In a national pilot program that includes two self-insured employer groups in CT, Anthem is giving rebates to consumers who choose lower cost providers for their care. Rebates can reach up to $250 in CT (up to $1,000 elsewhere in the US) for each procedure. The company claims that only “common, elective medical procedures and…

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New CT Insurer report card online

The CT Insurance Dept. has published the 2011 insurer report card. The report card compares HMO and indemnity plans’ performance across dozens of quality measures including prenatal care in the first trimester, adult access to care, cancer screenings, childhood immunizations and controlling high blood pressure. The report includes statistics on plan enrollment, number of participating…

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Grove health events

I co-work with amazing people doing exciting things at The Grove in New Haven. Among those amazing things are two upcoming events sponsored by the Transforming Maternity Care Partnership, a national multi-stakeholder collaboration working to implement a consensus Blueprint for Action to improve the quality and value of maternity care. The Nurse-Midwifery Week Celebration and…

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Courant OP-ED raises concerns about Medicaid PCMH proposal

An Opinion piece in today’s Hartford Courant by Sheldon Toubman of New Haven legal aid outlines many problems with DSS’ proposal for person-centered medical homes. PCMHs have been used by payers, including many other state Medicaid programs and CT’s state employee plan, to improve the effectiveness of health care, reduce duplications and errors and rein…

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