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Archive for July 2011

NCQA slides and video online

Slides and video of Monday’s NCQA patient-centered medical home webinar are online. You can also register for next Monday’s webinar on URAC’s patient-centered medical home accreditation program.

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URAC patient-centered medical home standards webinar

Join us for a webinar August 1st at noon to hear from Christine Leyden, Senior VP at URAC, about their new patient-centered medical home program. URAC, an independent nonprofit organization, is a leader in promoting health care quality through accreditation, education and measurement programs. To register for the webinar, go to

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Health cuts in budget deal

The new plan to balance the state’s budget was unveiled Friday. Proposed cuts touch most areas of state spending, including health and the safety net. The Governor’s office was clear that these cuts were not their first choice and they worked hard to avoid making them. Health care cuts include $7.7 million in Medicaid fees…

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CT third least obese state in US

A new report by the Trust for America’s Health confirms CT’s status as relatively less obese compared to other states. However obesity is a growing problem everywhere, including CT. The authors note that the lowest state’s rate now (Colorado) is higher than the lowest state’s rate fifteen years ago. 21.8% of adults in our state…

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Medicaid Council update

Friday’s Council meeting was mixed. DSS described their process for developing person-centered medical homes — a far better name. Their provider advisory group will be guiding the department in choosing which PCMH standards providers will have to meet, how they will be paid and the outcomes they will be measured against. Doctors are well-represented (a…

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Governor vetoes insurance rate review bill

Governor Malloy vetoed SB 11, An Act Concerning the Rate Approval Process for Certain Health Insurance Policies. The act would have required the Insurance Dept. to hold public hearings if insurers sought permission to raise rates by 10 percent or more. Consumers have been repeatedly hit with double digit rate increases, despite very large profits…

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CEPAC meeting

The New England Comparative Effectiveness Public Advisory Council held its first meeting last month in Boston. CEPAC is an initiative of the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review, funded by the US Agency for Healthcare Quality and Review. To make informed healthcare decisions policymakers, patients and clinicians need rigorous evidence on the comparative risks and…

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