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Archive for April 2011

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Two new pieces have been added to the policymaker briefing book (formerly the candidate briefing book) on – health insurance exchanges and CT free clinics

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Rally shows deep support for SustiNet and the public option

Hundreds rallied last night at the Hartford train station to show their support for SustiNet. Speakers said the reported compromise legislation does not go far enough to reach the original vision – providing a decent, affordable coverage option to desperate consumers and small businesses. Supporters emphasized the need for a public option, SustiNet, to make…

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Join us to show your support for SustiNet

Come to show your support for the SustiNet bill, CT’s hope to provide a publicly accountable, affordable insurance option for individuals and small businesses. Join us at a rally 6pm next Wednesday, April 27th at the Hartford Train Station, One Union Place in Hartford. For more on SustiNet, go to

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Public hearings on health insurance exchanges

The state will be holding hearings on plans for creating a health insurance exchange for CT under national health reform. The exchange is meant to be a standardized, regulated, easy-to-understand marketplace for individuals and small businesses to purchase coverage and apply for assistance. Advocates have sent a letter to the state outlining our recommendations for…

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Bad news on health information privacy for CT patients

The HITE-CT Board met last night and approved the insufficient opt-out privacy model for CT’s health information exchange that defaults people into the system unless they figure out how to get out. Board membership is dominated by bureaucrats, large health care institutions and attorneys who represent them.Consumer advocates raised many objections, did significant research on…

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Medicaid Council update

At Friday’s Medicaid Care Management Oversight Council meeting the Dental Health Partnership reported on a remarkable secret shopper survey of the program. They found that callers were able to schedule appointments with 88% of offices called; the average wait time for an appointment was 11.2 days. Not bad. But rather than sit on their laurels,…

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