CT residents middle of the pack in well-being

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A Gallup poll of Americans finds that CT ranked 22nd among states in well-being in 2009, down from 19th in 2008. The detailed poll includes measures of learning, stress, and happiness. Among CT cities, Norwich is highest in well-being, closely followed by Bridgeport and Hartford: New Haven is very far behind. (It appears our work environment here in New Haven is dragging us down.) An interactive map (I can’t resist them) shows how Americans score by Congressional district overall and across twenty categories including job satisfaction, fruits and vegetables. CT does well on dental visits and adequate food and shelter, not so well on stress and whether our communities are improving. The happiest American, according to Gallup and the NY Times, is Alvin Wong, a tall, upper income, Asian-American, observant Jewish man over age 65 with children living in Hawaii.
Ellen Andrews