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Archive for September 2010

National health reform standards may not cover college health plans

The Wall Street Journal raises the question of whether the notoriously inadequate health plans offered to college students will be covered under national health reform regulations. While these plans are generally inexpensive they typically include caps on coverage and would not meet new standards on how much of premiums must be spent on health care.…

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Gubernatorial candidates on health care

Connecticut’s next Governor will face significant challenges in health care as well as exciting new tools and opportunities under national and state health reform efforts. The candidates have both now released their plans. Click here for Dan Malloy’s plan and here for Tom Foley’s plan.Join us for a webinar with Dan Malloy and Nancy Wyman…

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236,400 CT residents eligible for health care tax credits in 2014

A new report by Families USA estimates that $830 million in tax credits will be coming to 236,400 middle income CT residents to help pay for health coverage. The credits are structured on a sliding scale, targeted toward those who need assistance the most. The majority of people who will benefit have incomes just over…

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CT medical home Medicare application in

The Office of State Comptroller has taken the lead in filing an application for CT to participate in a new Medicare option. The project would join the state employee plan, Medicaid, Medicare and private insurers in an exciting plan to build patient-centered medical homes for over a million state residents eventually. The Governor, DSS, the…

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Webinar: Dan Malloy and Nancy Wyman on health care issues

The next administration faces both great challenges and great opportunities to improve health care in Connecticut. Join us for a webinar September 28th at noon to hear from Dan Malloy and Nancy Wyman, Democratic candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor, on health care issues. There will be time for your questions at the end and,…

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CT uninsured rate up to 12%

The Census is reporting that CT’s uninsured rate rose from 10% in 2008 to 12% in 2009, an increase of 43,000 residents without coverage. Employer sponsored coverage levels held steady despite rising unemployment, possibly because of generous federal COBRA subsidies. While Medicaid numbers dropped during the study period, HUSKY enrollment grew and has grown faster…

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CT insurers propose double digit rate hikes

Once again CT health insurance companies are asking the CT Insurance Department for permission to charge very large premium increases, more than 20% in many cases, according to the Hartford Courant. Predictably, insurers are blaming rising medical costs and national health reform. Members of CT’s Congressional delegation and the Attorney General are objecting. The largest…

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CT lags in health IT adoption

If you’ve been avoiding the health information technology debate (it can get a bit technical), yesterday’s CT Mirror has a great analysis. While electronic medical record adoption is slow across the US, it is glacial here in CT. There are several reasons nicely outlined in the story; we need to address them all. Health IT…

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