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Archive for March 2010

Collaboration works – housing conference

This morning was the third in a series of conferences on housing in CT, but with a twist. The organizers emphasized the need to collaborate across issue areas – to include people who care about transportation, education, workforce, the economy, government, the environment, and health care. The conference was a collaborative effort of non-profits with…

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Why is getting healthy so hard? Find out April 21st

The Donaghue Foundation’s annual meeting will focus on behavioral and cultural perspectives on taking responsibility for our health. The meeting will be Wednesday, April 21st from 7:30 am to 12:30 pm at the Hartford Marriott Farmington. Registration is free. For more information click here.

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CT Medicaid wins in health reform reconciliation bill

The reconciliation bill scheduled to be considered this weekend by Congress benefits CT’s Medicaid program, and the state bottom line, in significant ways. The bill would expand Medicaid coverage to all state residents (except undocumented immigrants) up to 133% of the federal poverty level (FPL) — $14,620.50 for individuals and $19,669.50 for a family of…

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CT nursing school graduate survey results

The CT League for Nursing fielded a survey of 2010 nursing school graduates for the SustiNet Health Care Workforce Task Force; the CT Health Policy Project analyzed the data. The survey found that virtually all the graduates plan to stay in CT, and most intend to work full time. Two out of three are graduating…

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PCCM Subcommittee update

At today’s PCCM subcommittee of the Medicaid Managed Care Council, DSS unveiled their plans for the Mercer evaluation of the program to be completed by July 1st. Advocates raised many concerns including: · The inability to get any meaningful information on health outcomes with only 200 members on average over the last year · A…

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Medicaid Managed Care Council meeting update

Friday’s Council meeting was uneventful. After a year, there are 342 people in PCCM/HUSKY Primary Care; legislation requires at least 1,000. Despite that, DSS is steaming ahead on plans to evaluate the program by July 1st. It is fascinating that they are just now deciding to comply with deadlines in this program – they have…

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Thousands line up for free dental care

People began lining up outside this year’s Mission of Mercy clinic at 3am Friday morning. The CT Dental Association sponsors the clinics annually to provide free dental care to CT residents in need. This year’s clinic ran Friday and Saturday in Middletown but could only care for 1,000 patients each day. Almost 1,700 people, clinicians…

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