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Archive for January 2010

Nursing homes file suit against state over rates

The CT Association of Health Care Facilities yesterday filed suit in federal court arguing that the rates paid by the state to nursing homes violate federal laws that require consistence with efficiency, economy, quality and equality of access to care and that there is no evidence that rates are set on an objective, reasonable and…

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Sen. Frankin stars at Families conference

In describing opponents of health care reform, Minnesota Senator Al Frankin reminded advocates at yesterday’s Families USA conference of a quote by former Speaker Sam Rayburn, “Any jackass can kick down a barn, but it takes a carpenter to build one.” He characterized the opponents as having bumper stickers with only one word – No.…

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Second wind for health care reform

My second day of visiting Capitol offices found mainly optimism and people really taking a breather. The President’s State of the Union speech last night helped. The Houses and the White House are talking although no one expects this to happen anytime soon. I heard about the seven stages of grieving from more than one…

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Capitol Hill visit – What about reform?

I’m spending this week at the Families USA pre-conference meeting of advocates from across the states. We thought we’d be talking about how to implement health care reforms (and we still are talking about that), but politics got in the way. We have also been fanning out across Capitol Hill, reminding our legislators that the…

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SustiNet workforce and medical home webinars scheduled

Three SustiNet webinars have been scheduled to date; all are available to the public to participate.The first is February 2nd at 11am. We will be hearing from Mina Harkins, Assistant Vice President at NCQA about their patient centered medical home certification program. To register for that webinar, go to The second will be February…

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United Health Group profits up 30%

Rising unemployment, and consequent rising uninsurance, reduced United Health Group’s lucrative commercial enrollment by almost a million people compared to last year. Despite that, United posted rising profits for the third straight quarter. Raising premiums and a 12.5% increase in taxpayer-funded Medicare and Medicaid enrollment contributed to the profits. United Health Care (Americhoice) is one…

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I found my blog – finally

Most days I have no trouble figuring out what to write about here, but today I searched and searched. Believe it or not I considered Martha Stewart’s blog on family caregivers (did you know that America has three times as many plastic surgeons as geriatricians). The blogosphere is full of obituaries for national health care…

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Obesity and Tobacco Forum

The CT Public Policy Institute held a forum at the Capitol yesterday on the scope of obesity and tobacco issues in our state and what policymakers can do to improve health and lower costs. 16% of CT adults currently smoke, below the US average of 21%. Smoking kills more people than AIDS plus alcohol plus…

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If national health reform happens, how will it affect CT?

Passage of a national health reform bill appears uncertain. However under any scenario, if it happens, Medicaid will expand significantly. At least 100,000 more CT residents could become eligible for the program that has struggled in our state. The CT Health Policy Project has drafted a list of policy and design questions that need to…

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