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Archive for October 2009

Capitol Hill visit

It was an exciting time to be in DC yesterday. Our health policy class was able to attend the House press conference on the West Steps of the Capitol releasing their health reform bill that is expected to go to the floor next week. We heard from a panel of very tired health policy staffers…

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Last day of policy training classes

Yesterday was our last day of classroom federal health policy training. Our “classroom” has been the Kaiser Family Foundation’s Barbara Jordan conference center in downtown DC – a fantastic facility. We had an intriguing breakfast discussion with a registered lobbyist who has worked for Academy Health, the health research think tank that is running the…

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More health policy training in DC

Yesterday we heard about polling, federal budgeting, the role of the judiciary in health policy and a capstone panel with an overview of policymaking from beginning to end using regulation and rule making for electronic health information breach notification in the federal stimulus bill as a case study. The panel on the role of the…

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DC health policy training

This week I am learning about how health policy gets made at the federal level, thanks to funding from the Council of State Governments/Eastern Region. Yesterday we heard the basics – White House offices and staff dynamics, how Congress works, then how it really works, agencies and their roles in developing policy, and how it…

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From the Consumer Helpline

On Wednesday, the New Haven Adult Education Center held their Community Resource Day. This was my first consumer outreach event, and it was a great introduction. The fair was extremely well-attended, and the organization of the event and how smoothly it ran really impressed me. Different groups and classes from the Center came in at…

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New PCCM/HUSKY Primary Care outreach tools

New outreach materials for use by advocates recruiting providers and consumers into PCCM – now named HUSKY Primary Care – are available on the CT Health Policy Project website. The tools include a updated FAQs for providers and for consumers. Our new consumer newsletter is also posted in English and Spanish.

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Michigan Medicaid dental cuts cause woman’s death

A Northern Michigan’s woman’s death last week is being blamed on her inability to access oral health care in Medicaid. Her untreated infection could have been prevented; she was scheduled for surgery just days after her coverage was cancelled. Her dental clinic was willing to donate the surgery but Medicaid refused to pay for hospital…

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October CT Health Policy Web Quiz

How much do you know about the CT Health Policy Project? To celebrate our Tenth Anniversary, this month’s online web quiz, the CT Health Policy Project By the Numbers, marks our accomplishments.

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