SustiNet update

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The second SustiNet Board meeting today was uneventful. Stan Dorn of the Urban Institute gave a presentation on the original SustiNet plan; his presentation was made possible with support from the Universal Health Care Foundation of CT and the CT Health Foundation. He congratulated CT on passing a roadmap for comprehensive health care reform in a challenging economic environment. He outlined the original plan including the self-insured pooling concept, transparency, patient centered medical home structures (modeled on planning for PCCM in the HUSKY program), health information technology, evidence based medicine, and public health initiatives. Questions focused on re-aligning incentives to support quality and reduce costs, how the plan fits with national health reform proposals, funding reforms, barriers to adoption of electronic medical records in small practices, how to encourage creation of larger provider networks (something like accountable care organizations), primary care workforce shortages, insurance market reforms, and adverse selection. Co-chairs for the advisory groups were proposed; the Board asked for bios from the candidates before they voted. The next meeting will be September 30th at 12:15 pm.
Ellen Andrews