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Archive for August 2009

Health insurance employment in perspective

Yesterday’s Hartford Courant reports that just over 19,000 CT residents are employed at CT’s large health insurers – Aetna, United, CIGNA, HealthNet, Anthem and ConnectiCare. While impressive, those numbers pale in comparison to the number of CT residents employed in providing health services, according to the CT Dept. of Labor’s July report – 198,800. That…

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CT family premiums fifth highest in nation

This won’t surprise anyone who buys their own coverage (or buys it for their employees), that a new report by the Commonwealth Fund finds that CT’s family premiums were the fifth highest in the US last year. Rates increased by one third from 2003 to 2008, as did the US average family premium — so…

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Undecipherable health insurance documents

I was very happy when I finally received the document from my health insurance company explaining my medical coverage. Now I could finally see exactly what medical benefits are covered. Or maybe not. I decided to review it so I would know what is covered and what isn’t. I didn’t get very far. The document…

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Does expanding health insurance improve health?

An article in today’s Wall Street Journal addresses a question that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Health reform debates too often miss the real point – we want to improve the health of people. A plastic health insurance card does not guarantee access to care, much less improved health – ask anyone on Medicaid/HUSKY/Charter…

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Hospital community benefits reports out

The Office of Health Care Advocate has released their community benefits report on what hospitals are providing to residents of their communities to improve health, not just the health of their patients. Under state statute, uncompensated care does not qualify as a community benefit. The data is self-reported and there are very likely differences in…

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New London getting a health needs assessment

Over the next three years, the Ledge Light Health District will be assessing conditions in the New London area that contribute to better health for residents. The study, funded by the CDC, will consider assets that contribute to healthy lifestyles, reducing smoking, and managing chronic problems such as diabetes and heart disease. The goal is…

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Charter Oak celebrates first anniversary

Friday, Governor Rell announced that her Charter Oak Health Plan has enrolled 10,257 previously uninsured CT residents as of the program’s first anniversary. The program is an affordable option for many people and is providing care to thousands. An important advantage of Charter Oak is that no one is denied coverage due to pre-existing conditions,…

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Prescription assistance bus in CT

The “Help is Here” bus travelling across the country offering help applying for drug company assistance programs is in CT this week. Drug company assistance applications can be confusing; each company has different eligibility standards and discounts vary widely. The assistance program you apply to depends on which drugs you are taking. Questions you will…

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