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Archive for July 2009

Comment on eHealth exchange privacy policies

eHealthConnecticut has created a portal to collect public comment on evolving privacy and security policies for CT’s health information exchange. Posted so far is the draft Universal Medical Records Release form that patients will sign to indicate if they agree to share their information and materials from our two input forums held at the Capitol.…

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CVE meeting in DC

I’ve spent the last two days at a fascinating meeting of data geeks, providers, employers, health plans, quality organizations and consumer advocates from across the country all working to improve the quality of health care. It was a meeting of Chartered Value Exchanges from 25 communities/states; eHealthConnecticut was designated as a CVE in a very…

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Hospital stay points out need for health information technology

A recent stay in Hartford Hospital has highlighted the importance of electronic medical records for my personal health care. My doctor’s office, which is located in Hartford Hospital but is apparently not really part of the Hospital, has electronic medical records but Hartford Hospital does not. When I was admitted to the hospital, my doctor’s…

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Charter Oak after one year – mixed returns

One year after the implementation of the Governor’s Charter Oak Health Plan, the program is still struggling to make a difference for CT’s 326,000 uninsured as outlined in a Stamford Advocate article yesterday, updated today. Currently there are just under 9,000 members accessing care who may not have any other option. However, a year ago…

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How scientists think

Kary Mullis won a Nobel prize for figuring out how to make multiple copies of short pieces of DNA. While that doesn’t sound revolutionary, his polymerase chain reaction (PCR) forms the cornerstone of current and future genetic innovations including genetic testing and sequencing the human genome. His latest great idea came to him after watching…

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OLR insurance acts report out

The Office of Legislative Research’s annual report on acts that passed this year concerning insurance is out. Eighteen public acts are described covering a range of issues including autism, expedited external appeals, a program to review the social and financial impact of mandated benefits, insurer medical loss ratio disclosure, coverage of stepchildren, and prohibiting payments…

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SustiNet veto overturned

Governor’s SustiNet veto is overturned The Senate just voted 24 to 12 to overturn the Governor’s veto of HB-6600, An Act Concerning the Establishment of the SustiNet Plan. Earlier this afternoon, the House also voted to overturn her veto on a largely party line vote. The bill now becomes law.

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eHealth report finally out, privacy forum tomorrow

The long awaited report by DPH to assess CT’s health information technology landscape and develop a plan was released Friday. The 170 page report finds that eHealth activities in CT are fragmented and that CT is not yet prepared to take advantage of the opportunities. Recommendations include creating/anointing an official RHIO (regional health information organization)…

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Veto override session Monday

It will be a busy day Monday at the Capitol. Both houses of the General Assembly will go into session to consider overriding the Governor’s vetoes. It is unclear how many of her 19 vetoes will come up for a vote. The legislature has three days to decide. Among her vetoes are the SustiNet and…

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Anthem rate hike hearing Monday

Our state Health Care Advocate and Attorney General have been granted intervenor status in the Insurance Dept.’s public hearing to consider Anthem’s request for rate increases of up to 32% on health insurance premiums. These hearings are a rare opportunity for public input on the impact of such rate increases on consumers during these trying…

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