New OLR reports on PCCM, HUSKY employers

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According to OLR, in 2004 when Oklahoma switched from HMOs to PCCM to run their Medicaid managed care program, the state saved money and access to primary care improved. An evaluation of OK’s program by Mathematica found that under PCCM the number of participating primary care providers rose 44%, patients’ office visits nearly doubled, avoidable hospitalizations dropped, consumer satisfaction rose, and ER visits dropped by 5% while nationally Medicaid ER visits rose by 9%.

OLR also updated their report on employers of HUSKY Part A enrollees and parents. Wal-Mart tops the list again with 3,741 HUSKY workers and dependents, up 68% from the 2005 report. Next are Dunkin Donuts with 3,153 (up 119%), Stop and Shop with 2,372 (up 19%), MacDonald’s with 1,915 (up 48%), First Student (transit co.) with 1,471 (up 160%), Target with 1,158 (up 253%), and Care 4 Kids with 1,021 (up 123%). The only companies that dropped on the list from 2005 to 2009 were Laidlaw Transit and Shaw’s. New to the top 25 HUSKY employers list are Macy’s, Kohl’s, Dattco (transit co.), Yale-New Haven Hospital, and Home Goods.
Ellen Andrews