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Archive for May 2009

New from Health Affairs –6.9 million more uninsured Americans by 2010, MA reform benefits continue, and cost does not equal quality in health care

Study predicts US uninsured to grow to 52 million by the end of next year A study published today predicts that due to rising health care costs, by the end of 2010 another 6.9 million Americans will be uninsured, bringing the rate to 19.2%. For every 1% increase in health costs relative to income, another…

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New Kaiser website tracks national health reform developments

Kaiser’s new Health Reform site helps track the sometimes confusing national health reform picture. It organizes resources from across their site including policy papers, polls, history and a calendar. My favorite feature allows you to compare the various versions being considered on key characteristics including an individual mandate, employer requirement and expansion of public programs.…

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SustiNet bill passes the House

The SustiNet bill, HB-6600, overwhelmingly passed the House last night 107 to 35. The bill creates a volunteer SustiNet Board of Directors to design and develop concrete steps to achieve health care reform including affordable coverage options for everyone, improving the health care delivery system, addressing chronic disease and significant prevention and wellness programs and…

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NY medical home provides impressive, efficient care

Yesterday I visited the Queens-Long Island Medical Group office in Flushing, NY. The office is the first NCQA-accredited patient centered medical home in the US. Flushing is a colorful, bustling community; 70% of community residents are Asian. Despite the swine flu outbreak, the office was quiet and calm as it was on my first visit…

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Dodd/DeLauro health reform event

Saturday Sen. Dodd and Rep. DeLauro hosted a well-attended town hall discussion on national health care reform at Griffin Hospital in Derby. Nancy-Ann DeParle, Director of the White House Office of Health Reform, was the invited speaker. It was good theater, but there was little concrete information about what they are considering, how it might…

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SustiNet Day at the Capitol

Wednesday was SustiNet Day at the Capitol, where hundreds of supporters gathered to show they are in favor of SustiNet and health care reform. Participants wore red t-shirts from the healthcare4every1 campaign with the campaign’s logo on the front and “SustiNet: Health Care We Can Count on” printed on the back. Participants sat in the…

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