The character of our social networks may be genetic; why women have more trouble losing weight; inaugural luncheon weighs in at 3,048 calories

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A new study finds that the structure and size of our network of friends may be genetic. Researchers found identical twins were more alike than fraternal twins in the size and interconnectedness of their social networks. The results may have important implications for the incidence of smoking and the spread of disease. The original article was published in PNAS on Monday.

Researchers have found clues to explain the annoying fact that men lose weight faster on diets than women do. Brain scans found that women have more trouble putting thoughts of tempting food out of their minds than men. The authors suspect hormones are to blame.

The same Washington Post article (scroll down) puts the menu for the luncheon held directly after the inauguration last week at 3,048 calories and 142 grams of fat. But it sounds delicious.
Ellen Andrews