Helpful DSS staff

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It’s important to recognize people when they are helpful and good at their jobs, especially at DSS. Over the last couple of weeks four people at DSS have been exceptional and we wanted to thank them. One analyst I called for information ran an independent data analysis for me, and when he learned more about what we needed, he realized that I should have included another category and he re-ran the report. He asked questions, listened to my answers, and offered more help than I asked for. Jen got help from three DSS staffers – two with questions about DSS programs and one to help with a case. All four had to do some investigation to answer our questions and got back to us quickly. Most of them were people we contacted randomly from a website or a report, not personal contacts, but were friendly and helpful.
We want to thank these four and all the wonderful staff at DSS who share our mission to improve health care for everyone in CT. (Names are kept private to protect the innocent.)
Ellen Andrews