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Archive for December 2008

CMS approves forcing HUSKY families into HMOs

In a reversal of their position in a Dec. 5th letter, CMS is now allowing DSS to force 138,000 HUSKY members, 40% of the total HUSKY membership, to join capitated HMOs that advocates maintain do not have enough providers to provide care. The decision also disregards a letter from CT’s Congressional delegation urging CMS to…

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HUSKY (waiting for news) and PCCM (more bad news) update

DSS has now changed the date of PCCM’s start from next Thursday to February 1st even in the two small areas they approved, Waterbury and Willimantic. DSS’ plan, approved without revision by the Appropriations and Human Services Committees this summer, called for statewide implementation January 1st. In another sudden change of policy, further limiting the…

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HealthFirst Authority draft report

The Authority’s much anticipated draft report was unveiled earlier this month. Thankfully, it does not include a recommendation for an individual mandate that all consumers must purchase health insurance. The report does recommend auto-enrollment in public programs of anyone who is uninsured with an income under 300% of the federal poverty level. A report on…

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Health First Authority update

The Authority is winding down, but there is still no draft of the plan. At Monday’s meeting, members got a list of bullet points that caused serious contention. There were many complaints about disorganization and not having a draft to review. Part of the problem is that they are not on the same page about…

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Helpful DSS staff

It’s important to recognize people when they are helpful and good at their jobs, especially at DSS. Over the last couple of weeks four people at DSS have been exceptional and we wanted to thank them. One analyst I called for information ran an independent data analysis for me, and when he learned more about…

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CT hospitals more profitable in 2007

The financial status of CT’s acute care hospitals continued to improve last year, according to OHCA’s latest report. Average margins (profits) were 3.62% of revenues in 2007, up from 2.51% in 2006. The biggest winner was Saint Vincent’s with a margin of 14.49%; Johnson lost 18.73% last year. The number of hospitals that lost money…

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Good news for CT doctors, United to offer “insurance” that you can buy insurance in the future

CT physicians are getting some relief in their medical malpractice rates, according to today’s Hartford Courant. Most will see no increase next year and some will save money. Unfortunately, those savings are not expected to pass onto consumers. Employers and workers face six to seven percent increases in premiums next year. Other news about doctors…

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