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eHealth privacy drafts ready, share your thoughts

On Monday, July 20, 2009, eHealthConnecticut, the CT Health Policy Project and AARP-CT held a public forum at the Legislative Office Building to collect consumer feedback on draft privacy policies and a universal consent form. eHealthCT is creating a pilot health information exchange for CT Medicaid members to go live this fall, but the privacy work done in this process will serve as a foundation for future exchanges in CT. The exchange will allow providers to access health records, history, test results, treating providers, prescriptions, etc. electronically saving time and money while improving quality and reducing errors. Protecting patients' privacy and the security of data is paramount. We are planning an opt-in policy for the exchange, but that will require a substantial public education campaign. A group of consumer advocates and providers has been working with attorneys to draft the policies, but we need your help. Draft policies and a universal consent form have been developed, but we need your input. Visit eHealthConnecticut's public comment portal to share your thoughts and ideas.

To improve health care quality and efficiency, health care information is shifting from paper to electronic formats. Health information technology holds the potential to improve quality, reduce errors, improve efficiency and coordinate care. At its best, health information technology can help patients manage their own health and health care.

The federal government, the state of Connecticut, and private health systems and collaborations are building those systems now. It is critical that Connecticut’s consumers be included in the development of those systems to ensure that privacy and security are guarded.

Share your views on an opt-in vs. opt-out privacy policy

On April 20, 2009 the Connecticut Health Policy Project and AARP-CT sponsored a forum on eHealth Consumer Privacy at the State Capitol in Hartford.

Notes from the forum

CT-N recording of the forum

E Andrews and K Carr Presentation

B Kelley Presentation

Questions to be addressed by a Health Information Exchange in Connecticut

Glossary of terms

eHealth Consumer Privacy Resources

Patient Consent to Participate in the eHealthConnecticut Health Information Exchange (HIE)

Patient Denial to Participate in the eHealthConnecticut Health Information Exchange (HIE)

Accelerating the Use of Electronic Health Records in Physician Practices, New England Journal of Medicine

Forum - Privacy and Security in Electronic Health Records and Health Information Exchange - July 20, 2009, 10 am, Legislative Office Building

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