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What is HUSKY’s new PCMH Plus program?

What is PCMH Plus?

Are you in it already?

Would you know?

What does it mean for you and your family?

What are the risks?

Do I have to be in the program? What are my rights?

Get answers at PCMH Plus Facts


Attention: DSS Customers

DSS has filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of CT Medicaid members for failing to provide timely transportation to appointments.

If you have been denied care, contact the people below to share your story:

Greater New Haven area: Sheldon Toubman at (203) 946-4811, ext. 1148 or stoubman@nhlegal.org

Greater Hartford area: Geralynn McGee (860) 541-5033 or gmcgee@ghla.org

All other areas: Kristen Noelle Hatcher (860) 357-9308 or khatcher@connlegalservices.org.

Medicaid Study Group

Formed in 2015, the Medicaid Study Group includes over a dozen Connecticut independent consumer advocates representing diverse populations and issue areas. The Group researches the available literature, other state Medicaid programs, and the experience of other states’ programs, among other sources and makes recommendations to state policymakers. The group is strictly confidential. If you are interested in joining, contact andrews@cthealthpolicy.org.

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