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Committee develops care plan best practices recommendations for Medicaid

The Complex Care Committee of CT’s Medicaid Council has made recommendations to DSS for careplans in the Medicaid program. The importance of effective care plans has arisen often throughout the committee’s work diving deep into barriers to care for Medicaid members with complex health needs. Effective care plans ensure that people are driving decisions about…

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CTNJ: Advocates must inform consumers of risks when the state won’t

This week, independent advocates launched, a campaign to give HUSKY members balanced information about an experimental, new payment model expanding across the program. PCMH Plus has risks for consumers along with possible benefits, but HUSKY members aren’t aware of them or that they have the right to opt-out of the new payment model. Read more

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Advocates launch, giving HUSKY members balanced information on the controversial new program

Today, independent consumer advocates launched a website,, to explain the facts about HUSKY’s experimental, new payment plan to run the program. The site was developed in response to the state’s erosion of federally required notices to consumers about their right to opt-out of the program. The state changed the notices at the last minute…

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CMS finalizes important patient-friendly informed consent payment proposal

CMS has finalized their proposed Medicare rule (regulation) for how hospitals are paid that includes a new measure assessing the quality of hospital informed consent documents given to patients before elective procedures. (The relevant section, Potential Inclusion of the Quality of Informed Consent Documents for Hospital-Performed, Elective Procedures Measure starts hereon p. 373 of the…

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Calls for HUSKY parents notice to include help for uninsured

Today’s CT New Junkie highlights the lack of information to 17,688 working parents scheduled to lose HUSKY coverage July 31st. Based on prior experience, it is expected that some will qualify for Medicaid in other categories, a smaller number will purchase coverage from AccessHealthCT, but many will lose coverage altogether.  Notices from the state to…

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DSS publishes a consumer-friendly PCMH description

For last week’s MAPOC Consumer Access Committee meeting, DSS developed a clear and simple descriptionof Person Centered Medical Homes (PCMHs). The presentation focuses on what person-centered means – both provider and member responsibilities. Members learn what they can expect from providers, and what is expected of them. “Care is organized around you” balanced with “Support…

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CT Medicare members have saved over $285 million on prescription drugs under the ACA; almost half a million received free preventive care last year

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) thousands of elderly and disabled Medicare beneficiaries in CT have saved millions of dollars on prescription drugs and free preventive care, according to new numbers from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.  The ACA includes discounts for Medicare Part D beneficiaries on their prescription drugs that increase…

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Funds available to pay medical bills for Hartford area residents

There are funds available to cover Hartford area residents’ medical bills that aren’t being spent. Responding to requests, Nelson and Elsie Brainard started the fund in 1957 to help people “of modest means” facing unemployment and bankruptcy because of high medical bills. The Fund now spends hundreds of thousands each year covering bills, but as…

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Advocates’ guide to underservice recommendations

SIM is seeking to radically transform our state’s $30 billion health system and has chosen a shared savings payment model for those reforms. Advocates are concerned about incentives to deny necessary care under the new payment model, as happened in the past. SIM’s Equity and Access Council was charged with developing protections to limit and…

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