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HUSKY - Healthcare for UninSured Kids and Youth

What is HUSKY?

In June 1998, the state of Connecticut opened the HUSKY health care plan. HUSKY provides affordable health coverage for Connecticut children with no income limit. HUSKY includes Medicaid (Husky Part A) and the State Children's Health Program (HUSKY Part B). HUSKY offers comprehensive services including preventive care, doctor visits, prescriptions, emergency care, hospital services, mental health and substance abuse, dental care, and eye care. HUSKY offers services for children with special health care needs (Medicaid and HUSKY Plus). The federal government subsidizes much of the costs for HUSKY.

In January 2001, the state increased HUSKY eligibility for parents of children enrolled in the HUSKY program.

More information about how HUSKY could help your family visit the HUSKY Health program website.

In the News: "Susan Had a Right to be Enraged", July 16, 2001, Hartford Courant

Policy Information on HUSKY

February 2003 - How to prepare if you may be losing HUSKY

February 2002 - Analysis of Governor Rowland's Premium Assistance/HUSKY Parents Cut Proposal

January 2002 - Premium Assistance Programs: What are they and could they help Connecticut Families without Health Insurance?

November 2001 - An analysis of progress in Connecticut's Medicaid managed care program Improvement has been significant and steady throughout the 1990's, but has still not reached the levels of care enjoyed by children in neighboring states.

May 2001 - Costs of HUSKY Coverage for Parents

October 1999 - HUSKY Focus Group Report - What Parents Are Saying


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