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For Consumers

Connecticut's quickly evolving health system can be confusing and even hostile to the consumers who rely on it. People are both the ultimate consumers and payers of health care in our state. The CT Health Policy Project is working to ensure that consumers are at the table when decisions that affect our lives are made and have the tools they need to make a difference in those discussions.

HUSKY - Healthcare for UninSured Kids and Youth

HUSKY is Growing Outreach Tool for community organizations

December 2012 - Connecticut Medicaid Expansion Outreach Report and Recommendations

October 2012 - Consumer Conversations: Connecticut's health insurance exchange - Initial questions

October 2012 - Consumer Conversations: Connecticut's health insurance exchange - Flyer

August 2009 - What is Medical Identity Theft?

April 2009 eHealth Consumer Resources

May 2008 - Preparing for a Doctor's Appointment

May 2008 - Dealing with Doctors

December 2006 - Negotiating Health Care Bills

December 2006 - Managing Hospital Debt: What to do when you receive a hospital bill that you cannot afford

December 2006 - I'm not uninsured, so it doesn't affect me, right?

June 2006 - TIPS from the Consumer Health Action Network

February 2006 - Health Savings Accounts: Avoiding the Consumer Traps

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