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CT Health Reform

Connecticut is in the midst of historic reforms of our health system - both national reforms implementing the national Affordable Care Act, and state-based payment and delivery reforms. As reform crosses and interconnects disparate health sectors it can be hard to follow all the moving parts. We created the CT Health Reform Dashboard to bring it all together.  And to assess how CT is performing overall, we regularly survey Connecticut health thoughtleaders for CT's Health Reform Report Card.

CT Health Reform Dashboard

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CT Health Reform Report Card

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Issue Briefs

Issue Brief - October 2015 - ACA and covering the uninsured - How did CT do?

Issue Brief - September 2015 - Medicaid Attribution and why it matters

Issue Brief - June 2014 - Why national standards for medical homes matter for Connecticut

Issue Brief - August 2013 - 2014 Health Insurance Exchange Premiums

Issue Brief - March 2013 - What can Charter Oak teach the CT Health Insurance Exchange?

Issue Brief - November 2012 - CT Health Insurance Exchange must negotiate on behalf of consumers

Issue Brief - March, 2012 - Connecticut consumer and small business input to insurance exchange outreach efforts

Issue Brief - September, 2011 - One in ten CT residents still uninsured last year

Issue Brief - October, 2010 - Connecticut uninsured rates vary significantly by community, race and citizenship

Issue Brief - September, 2010 - New Uninsured numbers in Connecticut - One is eight state residents lack coverage

Issue Brief - April, 2010 - Myths and Truths in National Health Reform

Issue Brief - January 2010 - Questions for Connecticut: How will we implement national Medicaid health care reforms?

Issue Brief - September, 2009 - Danbury and Windham County lead the state in uninsured rates

Issue Brief - September, 2009 - New Uninsured numbers in Connecticut - good news and bad news

Issue Brief - January 2009 - An Individual Health Insurance Mandate: Could it Work for Connecticut?

Issue Brief - December 2008 - An Individual Health Insurance Mandate - Could it Work for Connecticut?

Issue Brief - August 2008 - New Uninsured Numbers in CT - good news and bad news

Issue Brief - February, 2008 - Upcoming Health Issues for Connecticut in 2008

Issue Brief - November, 2007 - Three current Proposals to cover Connecticut's Uninsured

Issue Brief - August, 2007 - Good News - 55,000 fewer uninsured in Connecticut last year

Issue Brief - June, 2007 - 2007 Connecticut Legislative Session - the budget and update on proposals to cover Connecticut's uninsured

Issue Brief - March, 2007 - Comparison of Proposals to Cover Connecticut's Uninsured

Issue Brief - January, 2007 - Ways to improve quality in Connecticut's health care system: Results of an on-line survey

Issue Brief - October, 2006 - What are medical discount cards and could they help people in Connecticut? An Update

Issue Brief - September, 2006 - 394,000 Connecticut residents lack health insurance in 2005

Issue Brief - July, 2006 - Comparison of Health Care Reform in Maine, Massachusetts and Vermont

Issue Brief - June 2006 - Comparison of DeStefano and Malloy Universal Health Care Proposals

Issue Brief - April, 2006 - What is the Enzi Bill (S. 1955) and and what would it mean for Connecticut

Issue Brief - October, 2005 - What are medical discount cards and could they help people in Connecticut?

Issue Brief - October, 2005 - What are consumer-directed health plans and could they help Connecticut control health costs?

Issue Brief - August, 2005 - 50,000 more CT residents lack health insurance in 2004

Issue Brief - March 2005 - What companies do HUSKY parents work for?

Issue Brief - August 2004 - 365,754 CT Residents Uninsured in 2003

Issue Brief - February, 2004 - Premium Assistance Programs - What are they and could they help CT's uninsured? An Update

Issue Brief - January, 2003 - HUSKY Parents In Context

Issue Brief - September, 2003 - 359,892 CT Residents Uninsured in 2002 Up 16,432 from 2001


April 2016 - Medicaid redesign: Pros and Cons

February 2016 - Comments on CCIP standards from SIM for Medicaid

December 2015 - Medicaid Study Group comments on Medicaid redesign plans

October 2015 - Administration agrees to delay Medicaid redesign

September 2015 - Independent advocates call for Medicaid shared savings delay

September 2015 - Reservations on SIM's CCIP plan for Medicaid

September 2015 - Shared Savings Could Cost Medicaid More

September 2015 - Medicaid Study Group recommendations for shared savings

September 2015 - Advocates' support for SIM under service, cherry picking protections

September 2015 - Letter calling for stronger SIM ethics standards

August 2015 - FOI testimony on SIM, CAB secret meetings

August 2015 - Advocates' Guide to Underservice Protection Recommendations

June 2015 - Letter clarifying SIM ethics confusion

May 2015 - Ethics testimony on SIM conflicts of interest

May 20, 2015 - CSG/ERC webinar: health insurance exchanges — states sharing resources, solving problems

March 2015 - Testimony - study best use of SIM resources

February 2015 - Advocates call for SIM to follow state Code of Ethics

October 2014 - State response to advocates' Medicaid SIM concerns

September 2014 - Advocates SIM letter to CMMI

August 2014 - Connecticut's SIM application is in - What happened and what is left?

August 2014 - Updated SIM FAQs

July 2014 - Independent advocates' concerns about new SIM Medicaid proposal

July 2014 - Questions on new SIM-Medicaid proposal

June 2014 - Public Comment on new SIM Medicaid plan

June 2014 - SIM practice transformation comments

June 2014 - Advocate's SIM Policy Topics Proposal

May 2014 - SIM FAQs

May 2014 - Webinar: The value of NCQA recognition of patient-centered medical homes

April 2014 - Independent Advocates SIM concerns:

April 2014 - Independent advocates' SIM concerns - new under service language

April 2014 - SIM comments on consumer survey, finance policies

April 2014 - Webinar: Measuring quality and value at CrystalRun Healthcare ACO

March 2014 - Consumer SIM Concerns 3.0

February 2014 - Answers to Advocates' SIM questions

February 2014 - Testimony to the Committee on Insurance and Real Estate Re: SB-11, An Act Concerning the Duties of the Connecticut Health Insurance Exchange

January 2014 - Consumer advocates questions for SIM

December 2013 - State Innovation Model (SIM) public comments

November 2013 - SIM Public Comments

November 2013 - Consumer advocates concerns about SIM

November 2013 - CT's SIM - pros and cons of health care reform plan

October 2013 - SIM Frequently Asked Questions

October 2013 - Consumer advocates' SIM Guiding Principles

August 2013 - Consumer Advocates' SIM Concerns

July 2013 - Consumer Advocates' Concerns with Connecticut's State Innovation Model Grant Proposal

June 2013 - Pass SB-596 - Make health insurance affordable

May 2013 - Health Insurance Rate Shock: What Connecticut Can do

April 2013 - Connecticut's health insurance exchange background and update

February 2013 - Testimony to the Committee on Insurance and Real Estate Re: SB-957, An Act Establishing a Health Insurance Advisory Council

January 2013 - Testimony to the Committee on Insurance and Real Estate Re: SB-596, An Act Concerning the Duties of the Connecticut Health Insurance Exchange

January 2013 - CT Health Policy Project's comments on the CT Health Insurance Exchange proposed standard plan design, Defining the Standard Plan Design - Individual and Family, December 28, 2012

November 2012 - Comments on QHP Requirements for Initial Solicitation of Health Plan Issuers

October 2012 - Connecticut’s health care "system" and readiness for reform

August 2012 - Connecticut Health Care Reform by the Numbers: Estimates of the impact of the Affordable Care Act’s reforms

June 2012 - The Affordable Care Act and the Supreme Court: What Might the Decision Mean for Connecticut?

May 2012 - CT Health Policy Project's comments on proposed demonstration to integrate care for dual eligible Medicare/Medicaid enrollees

April 2012 - Health care reform - CT and US

February 2012 - CT Insurance Exchange Fix Bill: Testimony Fact sheet

December 2011 - More MA small businesses offer health benefits since reform, while CT and US rates dropped

November 2011 - Health reform - US and Connecticut

September 2011 - CT’s Heath Insurance Exchange – Important Decisions, Rebuilding Public Trust

February 2010 - CT Allied Health Workforce Policy Board, Dr. Alice Pritchard, Executive Director, CT Women’s Education and Legal Fund

January 2010 - Reforming health care in challenging times

April 2009 - 2009 Legislative budget proposals on health

December 2008 - An Individual Health Insurance Mandate - Could it Work for Connecticut?

October 2007 - The Haves and Have Nots: the Uninsured in Connecticut

October 2005 - Overview of Connecticut's Health Care System

September 2002 - Connecticut Likely Voters and the Uninsured: A Focus Group Study

November 2001 - An analysis of progress in Connecticut's Medicaid managed care program. Improvement has been significant and steady throughout the 1990's, but has still not reached the levels of care enjoyed by children in neighboring states.

October 2001 - Premium Assistance Programs: What are they and could they help Connecticut Families without Health Insurance?

September 2001 - Comments of the Connecticut Health Policy Project in response to the Department of Social Services' report: Assessment of Medicaid Health Care Delivery and Primary Care Case Management

July 2001 - Susan had a Right to be Enraged, Hartford Courant

March 2001 - Chlamydia Focus Group, New Haven, Connecticut

December 2000 - Survey of Connecticut's Healthy Start Programs

October 1999 - HUSKY Focus Group Study: What Parents are Saying An analysis of barriers to enrollment of uninsured children in the HUSKY program