CT medical debt levels declining, new state law will help even more

By Ellen Andrews | July 15, 2024

The percent of Connecticut residents with medical debt is coming down, but it still affects one in 28 of us,…

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Analysis: Newest Hartford Healthcare lawsuit adds a critical twist

By Ellen Andrews | July 10, 2024

Yet another lawsuit against Hartford Healthcare (HHC) may seem obscure and limited to healthcare, but it goes much further. There…

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43 sign letter urging Governor not to return MCOs to HUSKY

By Ellen Andrews | June 27, 2024

A letter signed by 27 organizations and 16 individuals was sent to Governor Lamont urging him not to return Connecticut’s…

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noHuskyMCOs webinar for advocates online

By Ellen Andrews | June 25, 2024

A recording and slides from yesterdays’ noHuskyMCOs webinar for advocates is online. The webinar covered – Questions included — If…

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Analysis: Why most other states use Medicaid MCOs and why CT doesn’t

By Ellen Andrews | June 20, 2024

A question has been posed to opponents of MCOs in Connecticut’s Medicaid program. Under the Rowland administration, Connecticut started using…

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CT inflation adjusted RN and NP pay

By Ellen Andrews | June 19, 2024

Becker’s Hospital Review has calculated 2023/2024 hourly pay levels for Registered Nurses (RNs) and Nurse Practitioners (NPs) by state. Adjusted…

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Good and bad news in CT hospital fair share spending

By Ellen Andrews | June 13, 2024

US non-profit hospitals receive federal, state, and local tax breaks totaling tens of billions of dollars. Taxpayers must pay more…

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CT Mirror Viewpoint: Husky MCOs would harm access to mental health care

By Ellen Andrews | June 13, 2024

A new CT Mirror Viewpoint from a HUSKY mental health provider describes why the Governor’s idea to bring managed care…

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Book Club: Risky Business—Why Insurance Markets Fail And What to Do About It

By Ellen Andrews | June 12, 2024

I thought I knew a lot about how insurance markets work (and don’t), but I learned more than I expected…

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