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Connecticut's All-Payer Claims Database

May 2014 - OP-ED - Connecticut's New Health Database Needs to Trust Consumers - CT News Junkie

April 2014 - Response from Access Health Analytics to privacy protection letter

February 2014 - Privacy protection letter to Access Health Analytics

All Payer Claims Database Roundtable: Building an Asset for all CT Residents (CT-N Video)

Building A Health Claims Database (CT News Junkie)

CT health insurance database aims at cost transparency, despite privacy concerns (The CT Mirror)

Connecticut's All-Payer Claims Database: Access Health CT

The Roundtable was sponsored by the CT Health Policy Project, the CT Center for Patient Safety and Access Health Analytics and made possible with support from the CT Health Foundation.


The ABC's of the APCD: A primer on the All Payer Claims Database - what it is and what it could mean for Connecticut

Comments on draft APCD policies and procedures by the CT Health Policy Project and the CT Center for Patient Safety

The Power of Data: Consumer Involvement and Accountability for Connecticut's All Payer Claims Database: Jean Rexford, Ellen Andrews and Brenda Shipley, for the CT Health Foundation